A soldier and a savior

It’s Memorial Day, and I live in a country where people have fought and died for my freedom. I also live in a realm where someone died for my salvation.

For me to live free on this planet, a soldier died. For me to live for eternity, a savior died. My entire existence, physical and spiritual, is based on who died before me. What a humbling realization.

Thank you, veterans, for your service. Thank you, Jesus, for your sacrifice. I am so grateful.

If lovin’ the 80’s is wrong, I don’t wanna be right

Juli and Christi Roberts, prom night, 1989. Pure awesomeness.

Do you think my lips were red enough? Do you think Christi’s hair was tall enough?

I think I had bathed in Calvin Klein’s Eternity too. It was a gift and I thought it smelled pretty close to heaven. Now I think it smells pretty close to cat pee.

Just thought I’d share. Happy Saturday!