Soul cramps

runnerYou know those awful leg cramps we used to have when we were little? Do you have those going on in your soul? Is there a pulling between the quiet words from Heaven versus the angry words of our flesh? Is there an ache as we struggle to take steps toward real growth in the things of God?

Matthew 26:41 says the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. Our hearts yearn for God, but it is our flesh and this dirty, ungodly world that pull us away from Him.

Growing up in our faith is a lifetime process marked by victories and failures in equal measure. But this morning I read Psalm 18 and I did a victory dance. It is the shout of an overcomer. It is my anthem.

The Word of God quiets the angry world and amplifies our instruction from Heaven.

God wants us to grow up and become warriors.

Time is short and we have things to do. We have godly sons and daughters to raise. There are people that need what we have… whether it’s preached from the pulpit or across the cubicle.

We have something to say, to do, and to give. YOU have something to say, to do, and to give. Let God make you a trustworthy vessel by listening to His voice, keeping your heart pure before Him, and refusing to be overcome by the darkness of this world.


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